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More Black Celebs Are Coming Out and Showing Us How To Support the Queer Folks in Our Families
As a Black nonbinary person, seeing Monae come out on Red Table Talk and seeing their mother express unconditional love was validating. Here's how other Black families can also support their queer loved ones.
'Alma's Way' Creator, Sonia Manzano, Says Grandparents Are Our Culture Keepers
The Sesame Street Alum talks to us about the the newest character on Alma's Way, the complicated relationship with her own grandmother, and how technology can actually help Latinx families stay connected.
A Texas Student Who Was Suspended and Banned From Graduation Over His Locs Is Fighting for Them in Court
Treyvion Gray says the dress code at his Needville school is discriminatory after spending weeks out of class because of his locs. If passed, the Crown Act would protect hairstyles like his.
New York Times Bestselling Author Luvvie Ajayi Jones Wants Teens To Change the World by Making Good Trouble
Ajayi Jones' new book, 'Rising Troublemaker: A Fear-Fighter Manual For Teens,' helps teens see the characteristics in themselves that society deems troublesome are exactly what they can use to change the world.
Southern Methodist University's Youngest Law Graduate Is Fighting for Education Equity for Black Children
Homeschool made it possible for Haley Taylor Schlitz to graduate from the university's law school at 19. Now she's taking on educational equality for Black students.
What the Family of Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst Wants Us To Know About High-Functioning Depression
The beauty queen's January death by suicide was shocking because it seemed like she had it all. Many people who are suffering from depression have similar stories.

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I've Reaped Invaluable Lessons From My Mother's Garden
When Hurricane Harvey destroyed our family pool, my mother grew a garden there instead and started a beautiful new chapter—for all of us.
Dreams For My Daughter
My baby daughter's life is full of possibilities I never saw for myself.
Harvard Is Addressing Its Role in Slavery, Creating New Opportunities for HBCU Students

Through a $100 million endowment fund for reparations and possible partnerships with HBCUs, the university will attempt to make amends for the past.