The 4 Things Lance Bass Swears by as a New Dad of Twins

Plus, the very first song the NSYNC superstar played for his babies. (Hint: It's not "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.")

Lance Bass

It took NSYNC's Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, five years and nine donors to become parents—but they're quickly getting the hang of life as a family of four and already have a few tricks up their sleeves.

This week on Parents' podcast We Are Family, Bass chats with host Julia Dennison about what he's been up to since welcoming his twins, Violet Betty and Alexander James, via surrogate on October 14, how much more he's enjoying the holidays with the kids around, and how he's managing to adjust as a new dad.

"I am the biggest holiday nut ever," says Bass, who has partnered with Starbucks for the Holiday Presence Exchange campaign. "From Halloween to Christmas, it is my season. Just to have kids, to be able to bring back this magic and joy of the holidays that you tend to lose the older you get. It's so great to see this magic through their eyes."

His favorite traditions? Driving around looking at Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music—you better believe Violet and Alexander are already fans of NSYNC's "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"—and the new one he started with friends this year, Charcuterie Christmas, where everyone brought their own creative platter and voted on a winner. This year's pick was a festive Rihanna meat and cheese board, which Bass says was just as fabulous as you're imagining.

Even when Christmas classics aren't playing, Bass says that music constantly surrounds the babies—who already show signs of being huge fans. "You can tell when someone loves music, and they both light up when I play music around them," he says. The first song they ever heard? Reba McEntire's "He Gets That From Me."

After a difficult road to becoming parents, Bass says that he and Turchin are lucky to have a huge support system of family and friends—including NSYNC bandmates Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick—and he welcomes All. The. Advice.

"A lot of people are like, 'Ooh, unsolicited advice, don't want it,' but me, I'm all open for it. I'm like, 'Hey, give me every advice you can give me.'"

His advice? Remember to take time for yourself as a new parent. Besides that, these are the four things Bass swears by with his twins:

  1. The Snoo: "[It's] been incredible, especially with twins. Because when you can't get to both at the same time and they're screaming and they're hungry, at least with one of them in the Snoo, it might put them back to sleep. That's been a lifesaver."
  2. Baby Brezza: "It gives you so much time back. I think that, especially with twins, you have no time. Every hour, hour and a half, you're doing something with one of them. It doesn't stop. Any shortcuts like that with the Brezza or the Snoo is just great."
  3. Swaddle: "We also swear by swaddling. I think we're complete expert swaddlers now. We even have competitions who can swaddle them the quickest, and I win, of course, but yeah. It's fun."
  4. Night Nurse: "We're very lucky that most nights we have a night nurse, so she allows us to sleep, which I think is so important, because that sleep deprivation is... whoo. That's something."

Check out We Are Family Episode 15 now for more with Lance Bass on his journey to parenthood and the sign from the universe telling him it was finally going to happen, how he's celebrating the holidays, and life as a new dad.

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