These 10 Wildly Cute Squishmallows Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

The adorable and wildly popular stuffies are a great non-candy alternative for Valentine's Day.

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Squishmallows Valentines Day Tout

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Toy trends come and go, but some are far more tolerable than others while they’re with us. Take Squishmallows, the adorable and cuddly stuffies that kids can’t get enough of these days. They’re so cute that we don’t even mind when our kids amass a giant collection of them.

Given their popularity, Squishmallows make great gifts for kids, and even tweens. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up the 10 cutest Squishmallows we could find—some of which are even on sale—so you can strike holiday gift shopping off of your to-do list.

12-Inch Kate the Llamacorn Valentine's Day Squishmallow

Squishmallow 12" Kate The Llamacorn Valentine's Day Plush


We aren’t entirely certain when the tipping point was, but llamas are all the rage now. And have unicorns ever gone out of style with kids? Enter this combo creature, the llamacorn, which is sure to win your child’s heart. Kate the Llamacorn Squishmallow has two hearts on her belly, a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day.

To buy: Kate the Llamacorn Squishmallow, $39.99;

12-Inch Yellow Meringue Macaron Squishmallow

Squishmallows 12-Inch Yellow Meringue Macaron Plush


Valentine’s Day doesn’t really feel complete without a sweet treat. Pair this macaron-shaped Squishmallow with a small box of actual macarons and you’ll be Parent of the Year.

To buy: Yellow Meringue Macaron Squishmallow, $15.99;

10-Inch Oliviana The Alien Valentine's Day Squishmallow

Squishmallows 10" Oliviana The Alien, Valentine's Day Plush


We love the little heart-shaped constellation on this alien’s belly – perfect for a holiday all about love. Buy Oliviana for the aspiring astronaut or outer space fanatic in your life.

To buy: Oliviana The Alien Valentine's Day Squishmallow, $27.40 (was $29.99);

10-Inch Sunny the Bumble Bee Squishmallow

Squishmallows 10" Sunny The Bumble Bee, Valentine's Day Plush


You’re actually bringing home a baby bumble bee when you buy this cheery stuffy for Valentine’s Day. We love Sunny’s adorable heart dimples and shiny wings, and your kiddo will, too.

To buy: Sunny the Bumble Bee Squishmallow, $29.99 (was $34.99),

10-Inch Monica the Axolotl Hug Mees Squishmallow

Squishmallows Official Kellytoy Hug Mees


Unlike the original design of Squishmallows, the Hug Mees collection has arms and legs. This ever popular axolotl will charm any kid enamored with the planet’s most interesting creatures. Plus, we love its purple skin and shimmery belly.

To buy: Monica the Axolotl Hug Mees Squishmallow, $28.67 (was $29.99),

10-Inch Belana Cow Hug Mees Squishmallow

Squishmallow Official Kellytoy Hug Mees


This cutie cow is just right for the child who loves farm animals. Its big pink nose and light blue splotches add just the right amount of imagination. Your child is bound to take it everywhere they go.

To buy: Belana Cow Hug Mees Squishmallow, $39.99,

16-Inch Cailey the Pink Crab Squishmallow

Squishmallows 16" Pink Crab - Cailey, The Stuffed Animal Plush Toy


We’re moving up in size now, because Squishmallows range from small to quite large (the biggest ones measure 24 inches). It can be fun to collect a whole Squishmallow squad! This 16-inch cutie crab is many shades of festive pink, and its claws won’t pinch anyone. 

To buy: Cailey the Pink Crab Squishmallow, $20.97;

20-Inch Zozo the Bigfoot Squishmallow

Squishmallows 20" Bigfoot - Zozo, The Stuffed Animal Plush Toy


This 20-inch Squishmallow really makes a statement, and thanks to its size and squishiness, it might just become your child’s favorite pillow (or at least sleeping buddy). We love that the Squishmallow brand brought the mythical creature known as Bigfoot to animated life, with rainbow fur and even a tiny white bow.

To buy: Zozo the Bigfoot Squishmallow, $39.94,

Food Mix Squad Mushroom Squishmallows, Set of 6

Squishmallows Kellytoy Food Mix Squad Mushroom Set


There are lots of possibilities with this Squishmallow box set. Buy it as an epic gift for one child, or open it up and gift individual stuffies to siblings, cousins or neighborhood buddies. We love the food theme here, too—these make great props for pretend restaurant and kitchen play. 

To buy: Food Mix Squishmallow Squad, Set of 6, $49.99;

Squishmallows 5-Inch Plush Mystery Box, Five Pack

Squishmallows 5" Plush Mystery Box, 5-Pack - Assorted Set of Various Styles


This might just be the perfect trend blend: Squishmallows in a mystery box. If your child loves the unboxing experience, this one’s for you. Five randomly selected Squishmallows are packed inside; possibilities include a blue dragon, grey puppy and rainbow-bellied bunny.

To buy: Squishmallows Mystery Box, Five Pack, $44.99 (was $49.99);

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