42 Super Sweet Baby Names Inspired By Valentine's Day

Want to pay homage to the most romantic holiday? Consider these baby names inspired by Valentine's Day symbols, historical references, and more.

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February 14 is arguably the most romantic day of the year. If you've always loved the sweet holiday—or if your due date is in mid-February—you might be looking for a Valentine's Day-inspired baby name. There are plenty of monikers to choose from, ranging from historic picks (like Romeo, Eros, or Paris) to symbolic ones (such as Ruby, Dove, and Hart). You can also pick a baby name that means "love" or "beloved;" some examples are Annabel, Esme, and David.

For even more inspiration, check out our round-up of 42 Valentine's Day baby names. Whether you want an obvious reference to the holiday (we're looking at you, Valentino) or a more subtle association, these names all evoke love, sweetness, and affection. They might also guarantee your little one a lifetime of chocolate kisses!

Baby Names That Symbolize Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day brings to mind all things sweet and romantic. From hearts and flowers to precious gems and candy, these Valentine's Day baby names are sweet as can be.

  • Dulce - Girl's name of Latin origin meaning "sweet" (A similar name with a slightly different pronunciation is Dulcie)
  • Candy - A fitting name for your favorite sweetie
  • Dove - The bird symbolizes peace, love, and softness
  • Ruby - After the precious red gemstone
  • Hart - An English name pronounced like "heart;" it's typically used for boys, but we also love it as a girl's name or middle name
  • Rose or Rosa - One of the most popular Valentine's Day flowers to gift your lover
  • Teddy - For your sweet little bear (Can also be a nickname for Theodore, Edward, Edmund, and Ted)
  • Honey - A unique name to celebrate a super-sweet baby
  • Redd - A boy's name inspired by the color often associated with Valentine's Day
  • Scarlett - A girl's name after the vibrant hue that denotes passion and joy

Historic Valentine's Day Baby Names

Parents seeking a Valentine'a Day baby name can take inspiration from the pages of history, timeless myths, and great works of literature.

  • Valentino- Inspired by St. Valentine, the patron saint of love and happy marriages
  • Valentina - The feminine version of Valentino
  • Eros- The Greek god of love
  • Venus - The Roman goddess of love and beauty
  • Paris- The capital of France known as the "city of love"
  • Romeo - One of the star-crossed lovers from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
  • Juliet - The other famous lover from Romeo and Juliet
  • Freya- The Norse goddess of love
  • Aphrodite - The Greek goddess of love and beauty
  • Amadeus - A name of Latin origin meaning "lover of god"—and also the middle name of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Archer - Cupid, the Roman god of love, is an archer with his bow and arrow set
  • Sonnet - A classical form of poetry that's often romantic

Baby Names With Loving Connotations

Valentine's Day names don't always need to be obvious. If you're looking for a subtler alternative, consider choosing a name whose meaning relates to love or beauty.

  • Annabel - Scottish name meaning "loving"
  • David - Hebrew name meaning "beloved"
  • Amora - Spanish name meaning "love"
  • Beau - French name meaning "beautiful" or "handsome"
  • Mila - Slavic/Russian name meaning "dear one" or "gracious"
  • Howard - English name meaning "brave heart"
  • Bella - Italian name meaning "beautiful"
  • Esme - French name meaning "beloved"
  • Jonah - Hebrew name meaning "dove"
  • Amy - French/ Latin name meaning "beloved"
  • Lev - Hebrew name meaning "heart"
  • Cordelia - Latin/Celtic name meaning "heart" or "daughter of the sea"
  • Cerys - Welsh name meaning " love"
  • Fleur - French name meaning "flower"
  • Habib - Arabic name meaning "loved one"
  • Milena - Czech name meaning "love" or "grace"
  • Priya - Sanskrit name meaning "beloved"
  • Nayeli - Zapotec name meaning "I love you"
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