Tips for Teaching Math to Pre-K Kids

Your adorable preschooler is just starting to learn about math. Watch how to help her learn the basics.


[MUSIC] To help pre-k children learn the fundamentals of math, what parents can do is, is take an organic approach and bring math into your lives. Counting is everywhere. Children love to count. Shapes are everywhere that's geometry. Spatial relationships are every one. That's, that's a type of math. Teach your children to stay to the right while going up or down stairs. If they do chores at home which they should put the spoon to the, the spoon and the knife to the right and the fork to the left of the plate. All those directions are, are, are the fundamentals of math. Unit blocks teach children about proportions. Manipulatives help math become kinesthetic for children, an abacus is a wonderful old toy that children love and it's, it's a wonderful way to teach children about numbers. [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC]

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