What Your Child Will Learn in Preschool

Preschool allows your child to practice her interpersonal skills and learn in a variety of ways. She'll spend most of her day playing and doing activities.


[MUSIC] Children who attend a quality preschool program, have many opportunities to practice their social skills. They learn how to take turns, they learn how to converse with other children, ask questions, wait for people to answer and then respond. All of these opportunities give them a chance to, have social experiences, and social interactions with other children. So, this sets them up quite nicely, to be in a classroom environment where they have to move with the group, take turns, follow a routine, because it's happened in their preschool program, and within these social experiences, children are exposed to a variety of different skills, and content knowledge. They're exposed to letters, they're exposed to numbers, shapes, colors. Children are given a lot of writing opportunities in preschool, so they'll be given a chance to write their name, and write different letters and write different words. All this learning occurs when children are playing and exploring, so if there are a lot of opportunities for free play, free choice and creative exploration, children will naturally learn these different skills that will set them up very well, to attend kindergarten. Children learn these skills at preschool through creative play opportunities, the more chances they get to explore different materials such as play-doh, play with magnetic letters, build with blocks, draw pictures with markers, gives them a chance to practice skills, and to learn different content. This is how children learn best, and if they have these experiences in pre-school, then they are primed, for more formal instruction when they enter kindergarten.

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