Handwriting: Teaching the Proper Grip

Tips and tricks to help your child hold a crayon or pencil the right way.


-Before your child begins writing letters with either a crayon or a pencil, it's important to make sure he's holding it the right way. Teaching proper grip is critical as it does not always naturally. Children should be holding their crayon or pencil with either tripod grasp where the pencil is held between the thumb, index, and side of the middle finger or a quadripod grasp using the thumb, index, middle finger, and the side of the ring finger. Here is a quick exercise you can practice at home to teach correct pencil grip. Flip the pencil tip. Place the pencil on the table pointing away from you. Pinch the pencil with your thumb and index finger where the paint meets the wood. Hold the eraser with your other hand and twirl the pencil around. Ta-da! A perfect tripod grasp.

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