Preschool Curriculum

In preschool, your child will start learning the ABCs, colors, counting, and more. Arguably the most important learning will be in the form of socializing and making friends. She'll learn how to share, and use words to work out conflict with others.Here we offer information to parents who want to understand more about preschool curriculum.

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Your Kid's Preschool Teacher Probably Barely Earns More Than Your Manicurist: Report

According to a new report from the Department of Education, preschool teachers make woefully little money despite being so important to our children's development.

Conference Time: What to Ask the Teacher

Michele Borba, EdD, a former teacher and mom of three, has worked with hundreds of school divisions and PTA groups. She recently offered insight on our Community Boards about how to maximize your parent-teacher conference time. Here is her advice.

Advice from Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers are often fabulous at nurturing independence, cooperation, patience, and self-control in young kids. Why? They've developed an arsenal of tactics for dealing with kids of every possible personality. And they don't get bogged down by mommy guilt. Here are their classroom-tested tips for solving common behavior issues like getting little kids to share, listen, clean up, and more.

Your Preschool Questions, Answered

Attending a good program gives your child a significant academic advantage. But the number of options can be overwhelming. We've got answers to your most pressing questions.

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Is Your Child Ready for School?

Consider the pros and cons of waiting another year when your child is on the young side.

Why Preschool Matters

Childhood experts agree: Attending a high-quality program prepares kids for kindergarten and beyond. But finding the best option for your child takes time and research. To get you started, we've answered your biggest questions.