Preschool Curriculum

In preschool, your child will start learning the ABCs, colors, counting, and more. Arguably the most important learning will be in the form of socializing and making friends. She'll learn how to share, and use words to work out conflict with others.Here we offer information to parents who want to understand more about preschool curriculum.

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Handwriting: Lower-Case Letters p through t

The correct way to teach your child to write the lower-case letters p through t.
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Handwriting: Capital Letters A through E

Lauren Stern, a pediatric occupational therapist and handwriting expert, shows how to form the capital letters A through E.
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Handwriting: Capital Letter Basics

A look at the four basic shapes that make up capital letters and how to help your child get started.
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More Preschool Curriculum

What Your Kid Will Learn in Preschool

Find out the key learning milestones of the preschool years and how you can help your child achieve them outside of pre-K.
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Handwriting: Capital Letters F through J

Handwriting expert Lauren Stern explains the proper way to write the capital letters F through J.