Why Preschool Matters

Preschool can help children develop intellectually and socially, and gives them an advantage over other kids when kindergarten starts. Learn more about the advantages of sending your little one to school early.


[MUSIC] Preschool's really important to children. Because it gives them a chance to play with other children, to work in groups, to take turns, to have conversations. All of these experiences set them up, with social skills that they're going to use for the rest of their lives. And the time that they get to practice all of these social skills, is in free play, exploration, and creative play. It gives children an opportunity to manipulate materials that they might not have at home, to practice different motor skills, different language skills. They get to hear conversations and hear words, and vocabulary from other children that they might not know, and then it gets put into their repertoire. All of these experiences help to build their self-concept, and give them self-confidence. And research shows that children who have a strong self-concept, and strong self-confidence, learn more, because they're more open to more experiences. And they want to participate because they feel good about themselves. Children who go to high quality preschools, are ready for kindergarten. They have richer vocabularies. They have stronger social skills. They know how to work within a group. Stronger Math skills, stronger pre-reading skills, everything is primed and ready, for the learning to happen, when they get to kindergarten. [MUSIC]

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