Choosing a Preschool

Before you choose a preschool, give consideration to academics, curriculum, length of day, cost, teacher training, and more so your child gets the most out of his first classroom experience.

Why Play Is Important in Preschool Classrooms

If you want your preschooler to be ready for the academic rigors ahead, forget about the curriculum. Instead, look for a classroom that lets children learn the way they do best.

8 Questions to Ask When Looking at Preschools

Selecting a preschool that is a good fit for your child can be exciting as well as overwhelming. As a parent, you want to be confident that you decide on the right program, but how do you make the best choice? Here are some specific questions that parents should ask at any type of preschool.

Which Type of Preschool is Best for You?

Toddler programs, Montessori options, and more.

Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Study up on how to find the right program for your child.

6 Things Preschool Teachers Won't Say

There are certain insights preschool teachers may not be able to share, but a few opened up and revealed (in confidence!) what they want parents to know.

Why Preschool Matters

Preschool can help children develop intellectually and socially, and gives them an advantage over other kids when kindergarten starts. Learn more about the advantages of sending your little one to school early.

Preschool Prerequisites

From teacher turnover to classroom space, find out the factors that earn preschools accreditation.

Choosing the Right Preschool

When it comes to choosing the right preschool, it is important to do your research. The right school will set your kid up for success and keep her safe and happy.

Sweden's Testing Out Gender-Neutral Preschools

Would you send your child to a school that emphasized gender neutrality?