Sleep Training Toddlers Who Have Never Slept Through The Night

Fred and Jeanette have 18-month-old twin boys who have never slept through the night and frequently end up in their parents' bed. It's the baby sleep whisperer to the rescue!


[MUSIC] My name is Ingrid Prueher, and I used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. But now, I have a much tougher job. They call me the Baby Sleep Whisperer. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] When I found out we were having twins I don't think I knew enough to realistically be afraid of it, it wasn't until they were actually here. That we really knew what it meant. They are 18 months, they don't want to stay in their own crib. I'm Jeanette. Fred. And we have Sebastian and Lucas, our two nonsleepers. They don't like to be put down their crib on their own. They wake up to the point that they have to be held completely to go back to sleep, and at that point it's just easier to take them to the bed with us. I'm usually on my side, you know, hanging off the bed. On occasion. [MUSIC] The nice Santa's been my pillow. Lucas has night terrors. He'll be screaming and swinging and crying. It was a long night with lots of wake ups very frustrating and a lot of nightmares. When I am really exhausted I do get this, I feel like Lucas is feeling right now, very tired. Tired and frustrated. Sometimes I probably do cry. I am hoping that Ingrid can help us get the boys to sleep through the night in their own crib. Last time we were in bed without the kids were probably Valentine's day. Because we spent the night away. They're not happy. Being alone. [MUSIC] Hello, how are you? Hi, Come on in. Thank you. So, so very nice to meet all four of you. I'd love to hear more about your sleep situation to see how I can help. They've never really slept through the night. But do you waking up every single night? Every day. Yes. Every single night. Every single. Feels like day one. So why don't we do this? I can let you kind of do what your routine is right now. So that I can observe it, and then be able to give you ideas on how we can start getting them to a point of becoming independent sleepers. Does that sound good? Okay. Okay, wonderful. So we'll focus on you just getting them both to sleep. Hey. Hey. [CROSSTALK]. Yeah. [CROSSTALK]. This is pretty much the regime, at least for a nap. [CROSSTALK]. Fred and Jeannette showed me their usual routine. Be late in bed with the twins until they dozed off, and then very carefully, carry them into their cribs. Breaking these established habits, will take time for Fred and Janet. But it's obvious, they need a change. What I would recommend, since you already put them in the crib, at the beginning of sleep at night. Is to use something called the hug it out method. It's actually gonna sound a lot more exhausting at first, so what you would do is literally go to the crib when they wake up and they're, they're upset and then hug them until they actually lay themselves down. It gives you the opportunity to hug them to give them to give them that reassurance that you're there, but we create the first boundary, which is we will not take you out of the crib. And not going back and forth and saying let me bring her back into bed in the bedroom cuz that's not gonna stop. But it's gonna tack 100% consistency for the next three to four weeks. And commitment it's there's no easy solution. Let's talk a little bit about the situation about of the night terrors cuz we really haven't discuss that much. It's random. It's at least once [MUSIC] A week. Just, we don't know where Lucas started. Just random one day he starts swinging and screaming and fighting. He's looking at you, he's swinging. He doesn't realize it's us so it's like. Many people say there was no cure for night terrors. I found that once you log the sleep and feed times and everything they're eating. In Audi's pattern will emerge. This is a good way for us to see day by day. What is the, like why one day they did what they did. Let's compare that to the last time they had night terrors. Are there similarities? It could be anything, but night terrors are triggered by something and can discover it through the log. You should wait until he wakes up on his own. How do you feel about the plan that we discussed moving forward? It will take a little work. [LAUGH]. And I would love to keep them with me forever, but. This is, I think, a good time to definitely start working. Give you time even to enjoy yourselves and not have to go to sleep so early. Because you are expecting wakings. Yes. We can go to bed at 11 o'clock and know that we're fine. Yeah, exactly. I like that idea. Yeah. Do you like it, too? [LAUGH] Do you like it, too? [MUSIC]

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