Sleep Issues

Sometimes your toddler just won't sleep through the night. Here you'll learn how to figure out what's standing between your toddler and a restful night's sleep with our guide to common sleep issues (there's quite a few!).

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Why Sleep Meditation Works for Kids and How to Try It

Meditation can help young children release energy, process concerns, and find comfort at night. Try these simple steps to see if sleep meditation can make bedtime easier for your child—and family!
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How to Sleep Train Toddlers and Big Kids

I’m a pediatric sleep specialist who has seen it all, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late to get your child to (happily) stay in his own bed all night long.
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This Baby Definitely Isn't a Morning Person

Who can blame this toddler for not feeling like getting out of bed in the morning?
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6 Biggest Family Sleep Questions, Answered

We asked experts to troubleshoot real-life scenarios in which parents and kids are left struggling to get a good night's sleep.
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If Your Kid Can't Sleep, You May Want to Toss the Touchscreen

A new study has found that the more time young kids spend using touchscreen devices, the more likely they are to have trouble sleeping.
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More Sleep Issues

Dealing with Toddler Sleep Regression

Sleep struggles are common among 2-year-olds because of developmental changes. Use our guide to determine what causes sleep regression in toddlers, and figure out how to get them on a better evening routine.
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1-Year-Olds and Sleep

Bedtime issues often linger long past your child's first birthday. The trick is teaching your child to fall asleep on her own.
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Kids Who Are Bad Sleepers in Preschool May Have Behavior Problems Later On

According to a new study, kids who don't get enough sleep during preschool are more likely to have problems with attention, emotional control, and peer relationships.