Q: My 2 year old will wake up crying somestimes. Last night, for exapmple, she woke up tossing and turning. My husband and I both tried to console her, but she didn't want to be held. Could this be growing pains? She was 36" in height at her 2-year well-baby checkup.

A: Sounds exhausting! Growing pains are a mysterious type of discomfort that affect up to 25 percent of children, generally between the ages of three and twelve. Kids usually complain sometime during the night, often just one hour after falling asleep.  Instead of growing pains, my bet is that your daughter may be having teething pain. Some big molars can be pushing their way through at around 2 years old. However, consult the pediatrician if your child is limping during the day or complaining of pain in: a joint, the same spot on one leg, an area that hurts to the touch or is red or swollen.

Answered by Dr. Harvey Karp