July 02, 2015

Q: Please help!

A: You’re right, it’s high time to wean your daughter from the bottle. And of course you can do it! Mothers have been doing this since bottles were invented, and we all know that it takes a little tough love and a lot of determination. Unfortunately, there’s no magic method. The first step is to make sure that your daughter is drinking well from a sippy cup. As long as she’s mastered that, it’s time to make your move. When you take away your daughter’s bottle, you’re going to have to listen to her asking for her bottle—and maybe even demanding it and crying for it—the first day or two. But once you decide that your daughter has had her last bottle, stick to your guns! Remind yourself that you’re doing it for her own good. Her crying will only last a day or two, but her beautiful teeth will last a lifetime!

Answered by RallieMcAllister