Q: What's a good bed time routine for a three year old? And what should I do if she doesn't want to go to bed and fights me to let her have 5 more minutes then 15 then so on...?

A: Bedtime routines help little ones settle down from a busy day and get ready for bed. A recent study that we just conducted found that a bedtime routine not only helps children fall asleep faster but also helps children sleep better through the night.

The best bedtime routine is one that has 3-4 quiet activities that are enjoyable to everyone and head in the direction of bed.  For example, a bath, brushing teeth, pajamas, and two bedtime stories make a great bedtime routine.  To help little ones (and parents) stay on track, make a chart that depicts each step of the bedtime routine – including pictures of two books. A chart will help solve the stalling and let your daughter know what is expected at each step.

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Answered by Dr. Jodi Mindell