This Parents' Editor-Loved Sound Machine Will Save Your Family's Sleep—and It's on Sale Ahead of Amazon Prime Day

It's a night light, monitor, clock, and sound machine all in one and it's currently $10 off on Amazon.

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As the fireworks started to pop, pop, pop outside my family's 14th-floor apartment last July 4th, I started to panic. My son was 8 months old at the time and finally sleeping well through the night, after what felt like the hundredth sleep regression of the year. But when I heard those fireworks, I knew I was on borrowed time. We live close to a major park in Queens, New York, and the local street poppers were quickly overpowered by a larger fireworks show. I watched on the monitor as my baby started to stir after each explosion. I thought we made it through until the finale came. Bang, crash, pop...wahhhh. This year, I am ready with a secret weapon to combat the noise: the Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine, a WiFi-enabled nightlight and sound machine you can control from your phone. Thanks to an early Prime Day deal, it's also on sale.

When I first registered for the Hatch, I assumed I would use it as a nightlight while my son was a baby, and eventually tap into its ability to work as an alarm clock once he gets older. The primary sound machine in our nursery was one that I could set before I left the room. It worked for me until it didn't. Living in a city where outside noise is often unpredictable, I quickly learned that I needed the ability to change the sound levels without entering the nursery. Now the Hatch is the number one item I tell my friends to add to their registries.

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine

To buy: Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine, $79.99 (originally $89.99);

The Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine is very simple to set up. You plug in the cone-shaped device in your baby's nursery and download the app to your phone. From there, you can set the color and sound of your Hatch device and change them from anywhere, as long as you are connected to WiFi. That's my favorite feature, but caregivers also love that the Rest+ can act as a two-way radio so you can speak to your child from across the house and they can respond—a perfect way to get older kids downstairs for dinner.

Combing through the nearly 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, I found other parents who share my opinion that the device is magic. Some live by the timer setting, letting their antsy toddler know when it is OK for them to leave their room in the morning (give us parents till at least 6:30 a.m. please!), or when it's time to head to the park. One reviewer wrote, "Just started using the program features to tell my middle [child] when it's time to sleep and when to get up and it's KEEPING HIM IN BED longer in the morning!" Another reviewer shared this sentiment, adding "We have a little saying that 'red means stay in bed' and 'green means get up and go!' And that is all it took. Bedtime is a breeze, and my toddler stays in bed until the light turns green or we get him."

My own son is just old enough to start telling me what color he wants at night (purple) and what sound to wake up to ("tweet tweets" as he calls the birds). Giving him a say in his bedtime and morning routine already proves to be game-changing at avoiding meltdowns during these witching hours.

The one downside I've noticed is that sometimes my WiFi can be unstable and I have trouble connecting to the Hatch app, but that issue never lasts long. If you take your Hatch somewhere without WiFi access, you can manually turn it on and change the color and volume on the device as well.

To really sum up my feelings about this sound machine, I will quote my favorite review of the Hatch on Amazon: "Shut up and take my money: It. Is. Magic. Do not ask me why or how but this is the sound machine of our dreams." If you shop now, you can save $10 off the beloved device ahead of Prime Day.

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