In addition to making sure that large appliances such as washers and refrigerators are locked, that cords don't dangle, and that appliances are unplugged when not in use:

  • Firmly anchor most appliances. Or place them off-limits to your child. TVs must be placed on sturdy surfaces, not TV carts. VCRs and DVD players should have special locks to keep kids from sticking their hands inside.
  • Follow manufacturer's guidelines faithfully. Never try to bypass safety features, and never exceed the wattage of a lightbulb in a lamp. Doing so could result in a fire.
  • Don't use plug-in appliances near water.
  • Use appliances only as intended. Restrict them to their intended purpose and intended users. Electric blankets, which are designed for adults, are extremely unsafe for children.
  • Be cautious with cords and extension cords. Never use a ligthweight extension cord for a heavy-duty appliance. Never run a cord under a rug, where it can over-heat, or around a doorway, where it can fray. Replace frayed cords immediately.

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