Safety Tips

Your toddler's safety is your number one priority. Here you'll find toddler safety tips to keep her safe at home and away.

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3 Safety Lessons That Could Save Your Kid’s Life

Keep your child safe in these wary situations by teaching them what to do when you aren't around.
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People! Stop Putting Essential Oils in Food Near My Kid!

No, I’m not trying to break your #bossbabe business. I just don’t want you to poison yourself or anyone else.
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3 Household Products That Look Terrifyingly Like Candy

We know the swirly colors and squishy feel of laundry detergent pods can be hard for little kids to resist, but you might be surprised how many other tempting toxins you have around the house.
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7 Ways to Prep Your Kids for Safe Play Outside

Your guide to a healthy and happy day outdoors—because it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
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7 Fun Days to a Fire-Safe Family

A home fire is reported every 86 seconds, yet half of parents say their kids wouldn’t know what to do if a smoke alarm sounded. Do one of these activities each day to help fireproof your family.
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4-Year-Old Dies From Dry Drowning a Week After Swimming: Here's What Parents Need to Know

One heartbroken family is courageously sharing what happened to their beloved son in the hopes of helping others recognize the symptoms of dry drowning.
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3 Practical Ways to Talk to Kids About Strangers

Teach your child how to strike a balance between being friendly with new people and being safe.
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Terrifying Video Raises Important Point About Pool Safety

When it comes to keeping your kids safe in the pool, you can't possibly be too careful—and a video that's surfaced makes that point loud and clear.