Safety Tips

Your toddler's safety is your number one priority. Here you'll find toddler safety tips to keep her safe at home and away.

More Bad News About Flame Retardants: They May Make Your Kid a Bully

A new study says the fire-resistant products in your home may be the cause of aggressive behavior in your children.

Mall Safety: 5 Strategies to Keep Kids Safe

Ready to brave the holiday crowds? First learn how to keep your kids safe when you go shopping.

10 Ways to Make Your House Healthy and Safe

Every year, millions of kids are injured or exposed to toxins right under their own roof. Learn how to make your home healthier and keep your family safe.

Astonishing X-Ray Shows Grape Lodged in Child's Throat

The mom who posted the photo is warning other parents that they always need to cut grapes in half for young children to reduce the risk of choking.

Warning: Essential Oils Are Poisoning More and More Kids

Don't assume just because essential oils are naturally derived they can't cause your child serious harm.

5 Poisoning Hazards for Kids You May Be Overlooking

You're likely aware of common poison dangers for kids, but some poisoning hazards may surprise you. Here's what to know, and how to keep your child safe.

The Differences Between Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac

Learn how to recognize these pesky plants, where they grow, how to avoid them, and how to treat your child's rash if she comes into contact with any of them.

5 Tips to Teach Kids to Play Safely with Dogs

Dogs are kid's best friend! But to get these BFFs together, children need to learn safe get-to-know-Fido rules.

Alarming New Study Finds Opioid Exposure on the Rise Among Young Kids

New research highlights the crucial importance of keeping prescription narcotics away from kids.

8 Life-Saving Water Safety Rules Every Parent Needs to Know

More than 600 children drown every year. But you can help bring down this tragic number. We'll show you how to make nearly every body of water--from your bathtub to the beach--a whole lot safer for your family and friends.

The Real Faces of Child Abuse--and How to Prevent It

It's the secret next door, or even in your own home. Someone has reached a breaking point, and now a child is in danger. In an exclusive visit to a national child-abuse hotline, we learned from trained counselors who take anonymous calls from desperate parents--and find ways to keep children safe.

It Worked For Me: Safety Solutions

From the house to your car, there are so many safety hazards for your kids to avoid. Make life easier with these helpful solutions from readers.

Study: Alarming Number Of Kids Injured On Stairs

Prevent stair-related falls. Courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hospital

Heart-Stopping Video Captures Toddler Rescuing His Twin Brother from Fallen Dresser

This video serves as an important reminder to parents to anchor dressers and large furniture in toddlers' rooms.

5 Medication Mistakes Parents Make

Are you making these common errors when it comes to dosing your kids?

Window Blind Cords: The Child Hazard in Plain Sight

A new study finds that injuries and deaths from window covering cord strangulation continue to occur throughout the US, raising awareness for the only true prevention measure to protect your children: Going cordless.

Mom's Photo of Son Playing Where Alligator Attack Happened Shuts Down Haters

A mom on Facebook is urging compassion for the parents of the boy attacked by an alligator in Disney, saying it could have happened to anyone.

Room-by-Room Fire Hotspots

These are the top fire-starters in each room of the house. Keep this room-specific advice in mind to better safeguard your family.

6 Natural Ways to Grow a Lush Lawn

Say goodbye to pesticides, herbicides, and other common lawn-care products that are bad for the planet--and your family's health. Here's our guide to a kinder, gentler green.

Your Family's Plan in Case of a Fire

Follow these steps to craft an exit strategy that gets your family out of the house as safely and quickly as possible.

Drew Barrymore's Genius Childproofing Hack

Actress, author, and mom-of-two Drew Barrymore shares a quick child safety trick. (Hint: The only thing you need is probably around your wrist!)

Whole Grapes Cause Two Child Choking Deaths: Report Urges Awareness

A new case report reminds us of the danger of whole grapes after two young boys choked to death on the fruit.

4 Ways to Fireproof Your Family

Only half of parents say their kids would know what to do in a fire--and even fewer have ever practiced an escape plan. Learn the surprisingly simple ways to stop a fire from starting and safeguard your loved ones.

Why the Rise of E-Cigarettes Is Especially Dangerous for Young Kids

E-cigarette exposure can be more dangerous for kids than exposure to regular cigarettes, according to a new study.

Eye Injuries from Laundry Pods on the Rise in Young Kids

A new study shows laundry pods pose risks of chemical burns for small kids' eyes, in addition to a poison hazard if ingested.

Water Safety Essentials for Kids

Whether they're at the pool, beach, or lake, kids need extra protection when they're splashing around. Here, the latest advice from Parents magazine and the American Academy of Pediatrics.