July 02, 2015

Q: How can I childproof my toddler's room?

A: Once you move your toddler from a crib to a big-kid bed, he'll be able to get up and roam around without you, so be sure his room is as safe as can be. Here's how:

• If your child's bedroom is on the second floor or higher, the windows should have guards, and there shouldn't be any furniture or toys he could climb on near the window.• Drapery cords should be cut so that the ends don't form a loop, which can strangle a child.• Don't place toys (especially your kid's favorites) on high shelves -- he may try to climb up to reach them.• Secure all furniture with anchors -- kids have been known to climb bookcases, which can topple over and cause serious injuries.• Place the bed against a wall or in a corner to eliminate half the risk of falling out. Secure the other side with a bed rail.• Keep those baby gates at the top and bottom of each stairwell in case your child wanders during the night. Even if he's an adept stair climber, open stairs can be more dangerous in the dark when no one's supervising. Gates at the bottom of stairs can be spring-loaded, but an upstairs gate should be bolted to the wall, in case your toddler leans against it.

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