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Here you'll learn about car safety, including, when to transition to a booster seat, the dangers of texting and driving, and more.

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As 3-Year-Old Daughter Died in Hot Patrol Car, Mississippi Cop Had Sex With Her Supervisor

Former Mississippi Gulf Coast cop Cassie Barker faces up to 20 years in prison for leaving her toddler in a hot car while she had sex with her supervisor.

This Smart Car Seat Trick Could Keep Your Child Safe in Case of an Accident

A Michigan fire department took to Facebook to encourage parents to include their child's personal information on their car seat. 

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Mom's Post About the Day She Left Her Toddler in the Car Is a Must-Read

Britta Eberle's brave post recounts how she accidentally left her daughter in the car and reminds us that we are all human and make mistakes.

Kristen Bell's Kid Safety Hack Will Kind of Rock Your World

All hail Kristen Bell, who has solved a common mom problem: Keeping kids safe when you're unloading the car and your arms are full.

How Safe Is Your Car Seat? It May Depend on Your Car

Researchers found that child safety seats are not compatible with vehicle seats nearly half of the time.