By now your toddler is either walking or getting ready to walk. Here you'll learn how to keep her safe with our tips for toddlerproofing your home. Find out how to keep her away from lead paint, play with toys safely, and much more.

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5-Year-Old Girl in Critical Condition After Car Crash Involving Kansas City Chiefs Assistant Coach

The 5-year-old girl is in "critical condition in the hospital and hasn't awoken since the crash," according to a GoFundMe page created by a family member.

3 Safety Lessons That Could Save Your Kid’s Life

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Mom of Toddler Who Was Tragically Suffocated by a Teddy Is Warning Parents About the Grave Risk

After her 18-month-old passed away in the middle of the night, Dexy Walsh took to Facebook to warn parents of the risk posed by placing toys on and around a child's bed. 

People! Stop Putting Essential Oils in Food Near My Kid!

No, I’m not trying to break your #bossbabe business. I just don’t want you to poison yourself or anyone else.

4 New Safety Gates for Childproofing

From the surprisingly stylish to the easy-to-install, these aren't your grandma's safety gates!