Printable Numbers Worksheets

Fun activity sheets that are also coloring pages will help kids practice learning numbers.

The Number One

Teach your kids numbers one through ten with worksheets that also double as coloring sheets. Have them trace different digits along dotted lines, identify numbers on fingers, and learn about different land and sea animals.

Color one rabbit at a farm and practice writing this lonely number.

The Number Two

Color two pigs in the pen and trace the corresponding figure.

The Number Three

Color three sheep in the meadow and follow the dotted lines to practice this curvy numeral.

The Number Four

Color four ducks on the pond and outline the angular decimal.

The Number Five

Color five mice in the wall and guide a pencil along dotted lines.

The Number Six

Color six sharks in the sea and repeat the rounded symbol on paper.

The Number Seven

Color seven turtles around a reef and then duplicate this prime number.

The Number Eight

Color eight crabs on the sand and then reproduce two connected threes.

The Number Nine

Color nine fish in a school and master this upside-down six.

The Number Ten

Color ten shells by the seashore and then draw a one and a zero to form a two-digit number.

All printable coloring pages reprinted with permission of Copyright &copy 2013 Meredith Corporation.

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