Printable Coloring Booklets

Create eight mini coloring books featuring words and objects associated with basic colors.

The Color Red

These color printables allow kids to trace letters and color objects with the appropriate hues. Afterward, each coloring worksheet can be cut along dotted lines and stapled together to form separate mini booklets.

Use bold red to color in an apple, a balloon, and a heart.

The Color Orange

Use bright orange to color in a carrot, a fish, and a fruit.

The Color Yellow

Use happy yellow to color in a sun, a duck, and a banana.

The Color Green

Use spring green to color in a frog, a cactus, and a lime.

The Color Blue

Use calming blue to color in a whale, a splash of water, and a shirt.

The Color Purple

Use royal purple to color in a flower, a bunch of grapes, and a butterfly.

The Color Brown

Use chocolate brown to color in a teddy bear, a dog, and a cookie.

The Color Black

Use pitch black to color in a bat, a penguin, and an ant.

All printable coloring pages reprinted with permission of Copyright &copy 2013 Meredith Corporation.

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