Printables are a great way to keep your kids busy and teach them things like letters, numbers, animals, and more. Here you'll find lots of free printables including coloring pages, flash cards, party décor, and so much more.

Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages

Show your kids a fun way to learn the ABCs with alphabet printables they can color.

Printable Reading Animal Coloring Pages

A school of fish, a flamingo, and more critters share a love for reading in these animal printables.

Printable Numbers Worksheets

Fun activity sheets that are also coloring pages will help kids practice learning numbers.

Printables: Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Games

Searching for a good time with your kids has never been so easy! Just print a few pages and you're ready to track down an afternoon of fun.

Printable Coloring Booklets

Create eight mini coloring books featuring words and objects associated with basic colors.

Printable Table-Setting Place Mats

Teach your kids to set the table!

8 Basic Skills Worksheets

Help your kids get ready for school with printables that teach letters, shapes, sizes, and seasons.

Halloween Printables

Have a ghoulishly good time with these free, fun printable projects

Free Potty Training Charts

Use this handy index to find links to free potty training charts!

Thanksgiving Printables

Make your Turkey-day feast festive and give your kids great activities to get them in the giving spirit with free printables from

Printable Shapes Worksheets

Teach simple shapes with these fun activity sheets that also double as coloring pages.

Printable Sight-Words Flash Cards

Once your child begins increasing vocabulary and learning to read on his own, help him develop his language skills even more with these important words.

Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

Every child needs to learn his ABCs, and these cute and colorful cards will help your toddler recognize letters.

Printable 3-D Shapes Flash Cards

After your kid masters recognizing basic shapes, introduce eight 3-D shapes (including cube, pyramid, and sphere) to continue her learning.

Printable Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday parties are important -- and fun! Keep the planning simple with our printable party invitations for baby's first birthday and for older kids, too.

Printable Thank-You Stickers

Pack more punch into your thank-you notes with these cool decals.

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