When to Start Potty Training

There are three signs of readiness to determine if your child is ready for toilet training.


I'm Dr. Ari Brown. When is the right time to start toilet training? I'm here with all the answers. After changing about 5,000 diapers, you may wonder if your child will ever use the potty. I promise it will be before she goes to prom. But toilet training is a developmental milestone. So it will happen when your child is ready, not when you're ready. No parent can make a toddler eat, sleep or poop on the potty. It's just less stressful for everyone to wait until a child is prepared. On average, healthy and typically developing kids will toilet train between ages 2 and 4. There are 3 signs of toilet readiness. First, a toilet ready child needs body awareness. He knows what's going on with his body. He feels that pure poop is coming and often hides behind the couch or waits until he's alone at naptime to do his business. Second, a toilet ready child wants to be clean. She hates sitting in a wet or soiled diaper and asks to be changed. Finally, a toilet ready child must be able to use the bathroom independently. That means, he can walk to the bathroom, pull down his pants and sit on the potty by himself. After all, that's the definition of being toilet trained, right? Once your child shows these signs, pick a weekend and give it a try. Put your child in training pants and see what happens. By the way, I don't recommend giving toys or candy for each potty success. The desire to be clean is the only thing that motivates the child to stop playing with her toys and go to the bathroom. Bribery rarely works. Believe me, many generations of parents before you have tried it. Good luck!

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