Learn how to make the process of nighttime potty training easier with these expert tips!

There's potty training...and then there's nighttime potty training—and any parent who's been through the process knows that the two don't always happen simultaneously. (In fact, roughly 15 percent of healthy 5-year-olds are still not dry at night!) The simple fact of the matter is that in order to have dry nights, your child's bladder needs to be big enough to hold the urine she produces during the night, and her brain must be mature enough to waken with the urge when she needs to go.

So how do you know if your child is ready to try for the overnight dry? Well, a good sign that it’s time to try is when your child is using the potty during the day and has been dry for a few nights. If that's your kid, give it a go—and use these expert tips to make the training process a little easier:

1. Buy disposable sheet protectors, or layer multiple fitted sheets for easier changes if your child has an accident.

2. Cut out drinks one hour before your child's bedtime.

3. Help her use the potty a half-hour before she goes to bed—and again right before bedtime.

4. Wake up your child to use potty before you go to sleep.

5. Tell him to go to bathroom any time he wakes up during the night.



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