Potty Training Tips

Potty training -- what worked for one child won't necessarily work for yours. But one thing is for sure ... there?s no shortage of ideas to expedite the process. Here you'll find our best potty training tips from experts and parents alike.

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5 Easy Potty Training Tips

Trust us—we know these top tips work! We tapped the experts—everyone from Parents.com readers to doctors—who spilled their secrets on getting your toddler potty trained in no time.

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The goal is the same but getting there is a whole other story! Experts and the Parents staff weigh in on what the potty training process is really like with boys and girls.

Q&A: How to Deal With Poop Potty Training

Potty training in itself is frustrating enough as it is. Take a load off and use these expert tips to make going number two less daunting of a process for you and your tot.

Q&A: Know Your Child’s Level of Readiness for Potty Training

Are you unsure about how ready your kid is to use the potty? You’re not alone! These experts clear up the confusion, answering all your common questions and more.

Potty Training Charts: Everything Parents Need to Know

A toddler's transition to the toilet is one of the most stressful moments of parenting. Here's how a potty training charts can help move things along.

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