Potty Training Problems

Sometimes your toddler will have setbacks during potty training like resistance or refusal to try. Here you'll learn how to solve common toilet training problems.

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I Tried This Alternative Therapy to Get My Kid to Poop

After my family moved, my 4-year-old suddenly started holding in his poop. Nothing I tried worked to get him to go to the bathroom. I turned to experts who explained why this might be happening and what I could do about it. Here's how my son started pooping again.
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Q&A: Solutions to Your Child’s Biggest Potty Training Problems

You asked, we answered! These experts cover all things potty training, making your problems a thing of the past.
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Q&A: How to Deal With Poop Potty Training

Potty training in itself is frustrating enough as it is. Take a load off and use these expert tips to make going number two less daunting of a process for you and your tot.
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Check Out This Mom's Hilarious Bathroom Instructions for Kids

Vlogger Kristina Kuzmic understands the ongoing struggle of trying to keep the family bathroom clean, and she finally came up with the perfect solution!
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This Restaurant Review Involving a Naked Toddler Will Make You Laugh and Cringe

The restaurant owner responded to a customer who claimed a naked toddler "bent over to show me its butthole" while she was eating her meal.
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More Potty Training Problems

How to Deal With Potty Training Regression

Is your potty-trained child suddenly having accidents? Find out why potty regression is happening -- and how to avoid it.
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See Why This Mom's Bathroom 'Love Notes' to Her Sons Are Going Viral

Where to pee and where not to pee, that is the question.