Potty Training Girls vs. Boys

Find out the differences between potty training girls and boys.


I'm Dr. Ari Brown. Today, we're talking about the differences in potty training girls and boys. On average, kids learn how to use the potty between ages 2 and 4. Girls usually train before boys. No one really knows why, but I suspect it's because girls care more about being clean earlier than boys do. That's a good thing because girls who spend a lot of time in poopy diapers are prone to bladder infections, so better to get out of them as soon as possible. The biggest question I hear from parents of boys is whether to teach them to urinate sitting down or standing up. Personally, I vote for sitting. It's much easier for boys to master this position and it's less messy for moms and dads. Boys already have to learn how to sit on the potty anyway. For a boy to stand up and pee, he must be able to control his aim which requires some eye-hand coordination. He also must be able to resist the temptation to use his body as a water gun. Boys can practice controlling the stream of urine while sitting on the potty. Instruct the boy to hold himself and aim down into the toilet. Some parents buy disposable toilet targets to make the experience more fun. They can be used to train a boy either sitting down or standing up, but they're not essential so it's totally your call. Happy toilet training!

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