Potty Training for Day and Night

Daytime and nighttime toilet training doesn't happen at the same time, but try these tips to make it a success at any time.


I'm Dr. Ari Brown. I'm going to share a little known fact with you. Toilet training during the day and night don't happen simultaneously. It's actually normal for a child who is potty trained during the day to wake up every morning with a soaked diaper. For nighttime success, a child's bladder size must grow large enough to hold the urine that's produced all night long. Or, his brain must mature enough to awaken with the urge to go. Those milestones may not happen at the same time as day time training. In fact, they may happen months to years later. I can hear you gasping right now. 20 percent of 5-year-olds are not dry at night and 10 percent of healthy 6-year-olds still need overnight protection. Bed wetting becomes a disorder when a child is 7 years old and is still wetting the bed. Removing the nighttime diaper safety net will not motivate a child to wake up. It only leads to a soggy mattress. Once your child wakes up dry for 1 month straight, try going diaper free. Here are 3 things you can do to encourage being dry at night. Number 1: Limit fluid intake after dinner. Your child doesn't need a nightcap to sleep through the night. 2: Avoid caffeine. And 3: Get your child to use the potty right before bedtime. I know it's hard not to worry, but your child is not alone.

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