The Best Potty Training Toilet Chairs and Seats

Primo Freedom Trainer
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Whether you're looking for a toddler potty seat with songs and stickers or one to blend into your bathroom decor, we tested the best training toilets to help you have bathroom success at home and when traveling.
Courtesy of Summer Infant
Courtesy of Summer Infant

Summer Infant My Size Potty

Potty Praise: It certainly makes sense for kids to potty train on something that looks and acts like a real toilet. This mini version is pretty adorable! The lid even lifts to easily potty train boys.

Potty Problem: In online reviews, parents warn that the pee shield for little boys falls off easily.

Parent Feedback:  “This is a very cute and functional potty. Love all the little extras like the real flush sound and the wipe compartment!” -Anonymous

Follow seven easy steps to potty train your child in just one weekend!

Potty Train in 3 Days

Watch this video for seven easy steps to potty train your child in just one weekend!

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Safety 1st Talkin' Tunes Potty Trainer

Record your own inspiring message to help your tot become a potty training pro.

Potty Praise: Kids will love the attached handle, which makes a flushing sound, plays celebratory music, and repeats an encouraging parent-recorded message. Parents will love the 3-in-1 versatility, snap-shut lid, and ability to record and change the congratulatory quote.

Potty Problem: The rewarding song and message are connected to the flush handle and do not actually play when a child has just used the potty successfully.

Parent Feedback: "What more does a 2-year-old girl want than everything being pink -- even the potty! My daughter thrives on praise, and she couldn't wait to hear what the surprise message was when she got to 'flush' the potty. I found myself changing the message two to three times a week, but it was easy enough to do and worth it for the motivation." - Courtney G.

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Munchkin Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat

Whether used as a potty chair, removable trainer seat, or sturdy step stool, this compact potty eliminates odors with an integrated, deodorizing disk.

Potty Praise: Kids will love using the training potty as a step stool. Parents will love the disposable, deodorizing Arm & Hammer disk that stops the stink (especially in poorly-ventilated bathrooms) and the built-in splash guard.

Potty Problem: The height of the stool is a little high for younger kids to step up on.

Parent Feedback: "I like this potty because it has a simple design and will blend more with my bathroom's decor. I also like that it has a lid (you can never teach little boys too early to close the lid) and that it could grow with us by moving to the regular toilet via the step stool and seat reducer." - Korie C.

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Courtesy of

Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty

Give your little prince or princess a royal seat to potty train on.

Potty Praise: Kids will love the four encouraging reward tunes that play when they use the potty. Parents will love the 3-in-1 versatility and big smiles the reward music will bring.

Potty Problem: The hard plastic seat isn't comfy to sit on for long periods. You'll also have to clean and dry the bowl after each use, because if the sensor is already wet, it won't play the reward music for the next time.

Parent Feedback: "This potty was a very versatile chair for both of my children. My 2-year-old son loved that the chair would sing him a song when he went potty—a great motivator. My 5-year-old daughter loved to use the step stool when she brushed her teeth. Now, if only I could get my son to stop taking off the lid and playing with it!" - Jamie B.

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Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix

Simple and compact, the soft, cushiony toilet ring provides a comfortable seat for training time.

Potty Praise: Kids will love the ample padding and dual suction cups for a secure, wiggle-free training seat. Parents will love the compact design, modern gray color, tall splash guard, and one-piece design that makes cleaning a breeze. Perfect to bring along when traveling or on-the-go.

Potty Problem: It doesn't have handles, which helps some kids feel more comfortable and provides a sanitary way to get the seat on and off.

Parent Feedback: "The soft seat allows for a more comfortable and stress-free adjustment to the toilet, especially when the child needs some extra time to finish. The seat is seamless to the toilet and stays put, so any over-spray makes it into the toilet no matter what, keeping my toilet a lot drier and cleaner! But since the built in pee-shield is rather high, it's more difficult for the child to make it off the toilet unassisted." - Ashley P.

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The First Years Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty Seat

Pink, purple, flowers and castles—the perfect potty seat for kids who like princesses.

Potty Praise: Kids will love the princess motif and magical chimes button. Parents will love the compact design and snap-out cushion for easy cleaning.

Potty Problem: Additional "magical sounds" or encouraging words from a Disney princess would offer more motivation to potty training kids.

Parent Feedback: "My girls love princesses, and they greatly enjoy the 'magical sounds' button. But since there is only one sound, I grew weary of it pretty quickly. The plastic frame and seat cushion seem unnecessarily large and bulky. This might make them more comfortable but also more cumbersome to store." - Susan A.

Courtesy of Primo
Courtesy of Primo

Primo 4-in-1 Soft Seat Trainer

No bells or whistles on this 4-in-1 potty training seat, but its sturdy, simple design gets the job done.

Potty Praise: Kids will love the included stickers and handles for added support. Parents will love the versatility of an all-in-one and its ability to blend into the bathroom.

Potty Problem: If your child is motivated by sounds, you might want to look elsewhere. The splash guard might not be tall enough for some kids.

Parent Feedback: "I liked the wide, comfy seat as well as the built-in 'spray deflector' for my son. The ability to use it as a stand-alone potty, a seat reducer, a stool or a travel potty offers lots of versatility for a pretty good price. We have a small bathroom and I love that I could use the same device for potty training and as a stool." - Suzy M.

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Primo Freedom Trainer

This potty training seat fits round or standard height toilets, and the built-in step stool helps your little one be independent in the loo.

Potty Praise: Kids will love the independence of going potty by themselves. Parents will love the lightweight and fold-flat design and the lack of clean-up needed.

Potty Problem: The plastic feels flimsy, and it can be tricky for tots to turn around on the tiny steps.

Parent Feedback: "My son is a climber and was so excited to climb the ladder of his new Primo potty! It was so much easier to allow him to climb up and down rather than pick him up and down the potty all day! I do wish that the seat and ladder were a bit sturdier, but overall, a great, fun, and motivating potty." - Kristin D.

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