Pee-Proof Pajamas Now Exist for Bedwetting Toddlers (And They're Actually Super Cute)

Overnight diapers help prevent bedwetting but can hinder potty training. Peejamas might be the solution we've been waiting for.

Attention potty-training parents—we know the struggle of nighttime bedwetters, especially when they insist on falling asleep next to you. You want your toddler to get used to sleeping without a diaper, but then you wake up to a mess. Well, Craig Hammond, a father-of-three, felt your frustration. And it motivated him to invent Peejamas: adorable, functioning pajamas that feel like fabric yet absorb urine, eliminating the need for nighttime diapers.

"We faced a constant dilemma: whether to put him in a pull-up at night and almost guarantee that he would pee in it, or let him go diaper-less and risk him peeing in the sheets with the hope of him learning [to stay dry overnight] more quickly," Hammond said in a press release. "After we woke one morning in the middle of an enormous puddle of his urine, I was determined to come up with a better option than nighttime diapers."

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Peejamas are constructed of extremely absorbent, re-washable materials that capture and contain urine, lasting up to 300 washes before they lose their absorbency. Yes, this means more laundry (every parent's nightmare) but the product seems to have a lot of other benefits.

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"Like plastic bottles, disposable diapers lead to billions of pounds of waste in landfills each year, so Peejamas help reduce that waste," Hammond said. "If parents purchasing disposable diapers shifted to Peejamas, it would have a tremendous positive impact on our environment."

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Peejamas are also 66% cheaper on a per-usage basis than the average nighttime diaper. We all know how toddler necessities add up quickly—a reusable option can offer big-time savings.

These super cute, high-quality pajamas are available on the Peejamas' Kickstarter page for $35, currently available in sizes 2T-7T. Since Peejamas is a startup, be warned that the estimated delivery of orders is July 2018.

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Courtesy of Peejamas

For just $35 dollars a pair, and the benefit to the environment, we don't really see why Peejamas aren't worth trying out. Not only do they come in fun patterns for both potty training girls and boys, but they are economically friendly, durable, and help train your child to sleep through the night without an accident—seems like a win, win here.

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