Potty Training Gear

Get your child geared up for potty training success with these products that get the job done, including potties, toilet seat cushions, step stools, pull-ups, and more.

Great Tinkle-Time Gear

The stuff you need to go from diapers to Dora panties.

14 Favorite Potty Training Books

Sometimes kids (and their parents) need a dose of humor, instruction, and inspiration to move the potty training process along. Here are some books that may help smooth the way.

Creative Potty-Training Gear

Sometimes you have to get creative to successfully potty train your child. Luckily, there are a lot of innovative products out there. Here are of some of our favorites.

How to Choose the Perfect Potty

There are so many potties on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Before making your purchase, we've listed the important factors to consider when picking a potty.

The Best Potty Training Toilet Chairs and Seats

Whether you're looking for a toddler potty seat with songs and stickers or one to blend into your bathroom decor, we tested the best training toilets to help you have bathroom success at home and when traveling.

The Essential Items for Potty Training

Prepare for potty training by stocking up on these must-have items. Our list of supplies will help you and your child ease into this developmental milestone.

15 Favorite Potty Training Books

Recommended books for introducing potty training to the whole family.