10 Signs Your Child Is Ready to Start Potty Training

Dying to get him out of diapers, but not sure if he's ready? See how many of these sure-fire potty training-readiness signs your little one shows!

Timing is everything when it comes to potty-training success—and as any parent who's been through it can tell you, trying to force the potty on a not-quite-ready kid only prolongs the process (and makes everyone miserable!). So how can you tell if your little one is ready to make the leap from diapers to the toilet? Check out these 10 signs that she's ready:

1. She seems interested in the toilet, potty, or underpants.

2. He wants to watch you go.

3. She stays dry for two or more hours.

4. He poops on a predictable schedule.

5. She complains about wet or dirty diapers, and wants to be changed.

6. He can follow basic directions.

7. She understands potty lingo like "pee" and "poop."

8. He tells you when he needs to go—or uses body language, like going into corner or grunting.

9. She can pull her pants down and up.

10. He can sit down on—and get up from—a potty chair.

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