Potty Training

Is your toddler ready to start potty training? Here, you'll learn the basics of potty training, and find potty training tips to help the toilet transition go as smoothly as possible. Plus, don't miss our comprehensive section on potty training gear.

Is Miralax Safe for Kids? Experts Explain

Some parents report seeing "horrifying" changes in their children who took the popular laxative. Here's what the experts have to say about Miralax for kids.

15 Best Potty Training Books

Need to start the potty training process? Here are the top potty training books to help you and your child make the first steps to mastering the milestone.

The Best Potty Training Toilet Chairs and Seats

Whether you're looking for a toddler potty seat with songs and stickers or one to blend into your bathroom decor, we tested the best training toilets to help you have bathroom success at home and when traveling.

Potty Training: Conquering 5 Common Potty Problems

Flush away the 5 biggest potty predicaments.

Quiz: Is It Time to Start Potty Training?

Potty-training readiness occurs at a different age for every child. Find out if it's time to ease your child out of diapers and onto the potty!

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30 Best-Ever Potty Training Tips

Trust us--we know these top tips work! We tapped the experts--everyone from Parents.com readers to doctors--who spilled their secrets on getting your toddler potty trained in no time.

Dr. Alan Greene on the Reluctant Potty Pooper

What do I do when my child won't poop in the potty?

Potty-Training Incentives that Work!

Sometimes toddlers need a little motivation for taking the leap from diapers to the big-kid potty chair. We've gathered some creative ideas for fun and effective potty training.

How to Deal With Potty Training Regression

Is your potty-trained child suddenly having accidents? Find out why potty regression is happening -- and how to avoid it.

Potty Training Tips for Boys

Potty training boys can be tough! To the rescue: Jen Singer, author of the Stop Second-Guessing Yourself guides to parenting and Pull-Ups Potty Training Expert.

How to Potty Train in 3 Days

Follow seven easy steps to potty train your child in just one weekend!

Potty Training: Toilet Tactics When You're Away from Home

Help your child learn to use something besides your own familiar potty.

Holderness Family's Rap Parody 'Pee Thang' Is for Anyone Living with Boys

Penn Holderness and family are back with a rap that's all about that bathroom humor.

12 Common Potty-Training Problems

Working your way through typical potty-training issues.

8 Potty Training Do's and Don'ts

As you get ready to potty train your child, keep these basic tips in mind to help you determine what you should and shouldn't do when introducing the toilet.

Potty Training Secrets From the Pros

We asked novice parents to share their common potty training questions and then took those queries to experienced moms -- the potty training pros -- to get answers.

7 Crazy Important Rules for Potty Training Success

If your child is struggling with toilet training, it's either because she's chock full of poop or too young or both.

An Anxious Parent's Guide to Potty Training

Feeling overly stressed-out about potty training? These tips and tricks can help you stay calm while teaching your child to use the toilet.

8 #InTheTrenches Parenting Moments from Real Moms and Dads

Our readers shared some of their ickiest, gross-out parenting moments from potty training and sick days.

Free Potty Training Charts

Use this handy index to find links to free potty training charts!

Potty Train with Sign Language

These 5 sign language signs may help get your toddler out of diapers more quickly.

Great Tinkle-Time Gear

The stuff you need to go from diapers to Dora panties.

When to Start Potty Training

There are three signs of readiness to determine if your child is ready for toilet training.

Step-by-Step Guide to Potty Training

Your child's now a toddler, and it's time to wean him off diapers -- but how do you begin? These seven steps will lead you through potty training from start to finish.

Potty Training Tips for Girls

When it comes to potty training girls and boys, there are more similarities than differences in toilet techniques. Find out the most effective ways to potty train your little girl.

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