Injuries & Accidents

Keep your toddler safe from injuries and accidents with our be-safe guide on everything from bug bites to broken bones to emergency situations. Find out what requires medical care and ways to remain calm when your child is hurt.

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Urgent Care vs. ER: Where to Go for 8 Common Kid Health Emergencies
Is your child injured? Sick? Not sure where to go? We asked several doctors to break down the difference between emergency rooms and urgent care.
How to Handle Head Injuries
These head injuries can appear way worse -- or much more harmless -- than they are. So take our crash course in what to look for the next time your child hurts herself.
In Case of Emergency: 11 Ways to Make the ER Less Stressful
The E.R. can be a bewildering place with loud noises, bright lights, restless kids, and freaked-out parents. Our guide makes it less stressful.
Getting Ready for an Emergency
What you really need to be prepared for a possible crisis.

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Emergency Steps Your Child Should Know
As soon as your child is old enough to learn his numbers, you can prepare him to help during an emergency. Here, the lifesaving lessons to teach.