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Protect your child's pearly whites with our oral report on everything from controlling cavities to greeting the tooth fairy.

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Kids Are Using Too Much Toothpaste, and the CDC Warns It Could Cause Problems

Fluoride is great for helping prevent cavities, but ingesting too much of it can cause discoloration and pitting in children's developing teeth.
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How to Get Your Toddler to Brush His Teeth

Learn the lyrics to Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth, plus a few other tried-and-true tips to get kids excited to grab that toothbrush.
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6 Questions About Kids' Teeth—Answered

When should I take my baby to the dentist? Is flossing really necessary? Find these answers and learn more about your child's dental hygiene habits.
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6 Myths About Baby Teeth

Get the facts about baby teeth and get your infant started on the path to good oral health as early as possible.
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What Parents Need to Know About the Child Who Died Under Dental Anesthesia

Our hearts go out to the parents of the toddler who passed away during a dental procedure. And here's what parents can take away from this unthinkable tragedy.
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Warning: Your Child's Sophie the Giraffe Teether Might Be Full of Mold

Several moms have shared photos of the popular teething toy with mold growing inside, although the company has not issued a recall.