Caring for a Sick Toddler

Caring for a sick toddler isn't easy. Try these ideas to ease his symptoms, learn about over-the-counter aides, and find out when you should take your sick toddler to the doctor.

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Spoiler Alert: Sick Season Sucks for Parents
Cold and flu season is no laughing matter—but parents can use some comic relief when they're home with sick kids. After force-feeding every one vitamin C, here's what you really need to do to prep for the season of sickness. 
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9 Clever Ways to Help the Medicine Go Down
Ditch the spoonful of sugar. Use these proven strategies, from both doctors and real parents, when the "here comes the airplane" tactic fails.
Why You Shouldn't Give Cough Suppressants to Children—And How to Soothe Symptoms Instead
Over-the-counter cold and cough medicines should no longer be given to children younger than 4 years old, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. We asked top pediatricians how to help your child feel better without them.

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When to Call the Doctor

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