Other Health Issues

Are you not quite sure what's wrong with your kid? We have all the info you need about diet and fitness, disease and infection, and more. The path to a healthy happy kid starts here.

6 Tips to Raise an Optimist

Wondering how to raise an optimistic child? After all, kids who see the glass as half full are better at dealing with life's challenges--and happier too. Here's six tips to help yours develop a sunny outlook on life.

What to Do About Recurring Illnesses

Why your child may be prone to repeat bouts of colds, ear infections, strep throat, pneumonia, or other ailments -- and what you can do to help.

Is MiraLax the Cause of 'Horrifying' Changes Parents Are Seeing in Their Kids?

Parents have reported being "horrified" by the changes they've seen in their kids after taking the popular laxative. Here's what the experts say.

More Bad News About Flame Retardants: They May Make Your Kid a Bully

A new study says the fire-resistant products in your home may be the cause of aggressive behavior in your children.

Is My Kid Contagious?

Wondering whether you need to quarantine your child when she has a cold, an ear infection, pinkeye, or another common childhood illness? Read on to find out what precautions you should take and how long these conditions are contagious -- if at all.

The Facts of Lice

Every year, more than 6 million children are infected with these harmless yet pesky parasites. We've pulled together expert answers to your top questions on everything from prevention to treatment.

How Much Do You Really Need to Know About Your Kids' Poop?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Here's what's healthy, and what might mean your kid is constipated.

When Your Child Is Skinny

At a time when one in three kids weighs too much, an inability to pack on pounds might seem like a minor issue. But some slender children have health concerns of their own.

Raising a Son with a Special Heart: An Interview with Bret Baier

Bret Baier's life as a father changed when his first son, Paul, was born with five congenital heart defects a few years ago. The Fox News anchor of Special Report with Bret Baier talks to Parents.com to promote awareness of a common (but rarely detected) birth defect and how he balances parenthood with raising a toddler who has congenital heart disease.

A Day in the Life of Liam: Pediatric Cancer Patient

Follow Liam Witt through a day of tears, treatments, and playing with trains while battling neuroblastoma, a rare cancer of the nervous system.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Pietro's Fight

One family continues to fight for their son who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at 3 years old. Pietro's Fight is an organization raising awareness and funding for research about the progressive genetic disorder.

See the Sweet Way Nurses Helped This 3-Year-Old With Leukemia Celebrate Her Birthday

Three-year-old Willow was diagnosed with leukemia just before Hurricane Irma hit. But this story proves that even under the worst circumstances, you can find joy.

Soothing Sick Kids in the Wee Hours

Why do kids often wait until the wee hours to wail for you? Solve your child's 2 a.m. problems so everyone can get back to sleep.

Why One Expert Argues Potty-Training Deadlines Are Harmful for Kids

The New Jersey Attorney General's office has filed a discrimination suit against a preschool for allegedly expelling a girl with Down syndrome for failing to toilet train. Here's why one expert argues that potty-training deadlines are a bad idea for any child.

A New Study Links Screen Time With Diabetes

Time to unplug! A new study says three hours of screen time a day may boost diabetes risk in kids. Here's what you can do about it.

4 Myths About Kids and Constipation

Think you understand constipation--and how to fix it--when it comes to your kids? You may be surprised.

Our Sons Have Hemophilia

When you have a toddler with this blood disease, even a minor bump can mean a trip to the hospital. But these twin sisters are determined to make sure their kids lead normal lives.

This Video of a 4-Month-Old Baby With Whooping Cough Will Break Your Heart

The mother who posted it is pleading with other parents to vaccinate their children against pertussis.

Raising Kids with Special Needs

Q & A with Denise Brodey, author of The Elephant in the Playroom, about raising kids who have special needs.

"I Don't Know Why But I Think She Has Cancer."

Lauren Hammersley knew her daughter was gravely ill before her doctors did. In honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, she shares the terrifying battle that continues to this day.

The Key Sign That Could Mean Your Preschooler Is Depressed

New research looks at how young kids at risk for depression react to rewards.

Talking with Kids About Their Disability

What to say when your child asks, "Why am I different?"

When Children Feel Too Much -- or Too Little

Sensory integration dysfunction is on the rise, but new research offers hope for kids who suffer from it.

Help Kids Start Healthy Hygiene Habits

Help your take-charge preschooler adopt these healthy hygiene habits.

She Lost Her Son & Now This Heartbroken Mom Has Made Sepsis Awareness Her Mission

Did you know every 3.5 seconds someone in the world dies from sepsis?

Dad's Post-Kid-Puking Texts to Mom Are So Awful They're Funny

After his toddler puked in the back seat, this dad detailed losing his lunch and a run-in with the cops in hilarious texts to his wife.