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Are you not quite sure what's wrong with your kid? We have all the info you need about diet and fitness, disease and infection, and more. The path to a healthy happy kid starts here.

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These Heroes Are Making a Huge Difference for Children With Mental Health Disorders
Get inspired and vote for the person you think is doing the most to support kids with mental health and learning disorders in the Child Mind Institute's Change Maker Awards.
4 Ways to Grow a Healthy Gut
Early childhood is prime time for establishing a healthy microbiome. The more good critters that move in now, the more likely they'll crowd out or compete with bad bacteria your kid will encounter down the road. Start by making some adjustments to the food you serve. Gail Cresci, Ph.D., R.D., of the Cleveland Clinic, shares four ways to keep your little one's gut well fed.
10 Reasons to Chill About Lice (Seriously)
A case of head lice may seem like the worst hair day ever, but don't let it put you over the edge. Here's why you can (sort of) relax. 
More Bad News About Flame Retardants: They May Make Your Kid a Bully
A new study says the fire-resistant products in your home may be the cause of aggressive behavior in your children.
Is MiraLax the Cause of 'Horrifying' Changes Parents Are Seeing in Their Kids?
Parents have reported being "horrified" by the changes they've seen in their kids after taking the popular laxative. Here's what the experts say.
The Key Sign That Could Mean Your Preschooler Is Depressed
New research looks at how young kids at risk for depression react to rewards.

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Soothing Sick Kids in the Wee Hours
Why do kids often wait until the wee hours to wail for you? Solve your child's 2 a.m. problems so everyone can get back to sleep.
She Lost Her Son & Now This Heartbroken Mom Has Made Sepsis Awareness Her Mission
Did you know every 3.5 seconds someone in the world dies from sepsis?
Is My Kid Contagious? When They Should Stay Home

Are fevers contagious? How about colds, ear infections, or pinkeye? Here's a guide to determining whether certain childhood illness can spread to others.