July 02, 2015

Q: Our toddler was diagnosed with epilepsy. How will this affect her life?

A: Finding out that your child has a chronic illness can be devastating, but remember -- most kids with epilepsy lead healthy, normal lives, develop typically and enjoy all the same activities as other children. And just because your daughter has epilepsy now doesn't mean she always will. Some children who develop epilepsy as toddlers actually outgrow it in their teenage years. Some children need to take medication daily, others don't. It depends on the type of seizure, how often the seizures happen, and how long they last. Avoid putting your child in a situation where he could seriously injure himself if a seizure occurred.  Watching anyone have a seizure can be very scary. You should notify your child's school and any childcare providers of what to do if a seizure should happen. It's important to place your child on a flat, preferably soft surface. Do not try to put anything into his or her mouth. If the seizure episode does not stop in a few minutes, call 911.

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