Q: Help! My 22-month old daughter has a "unibrow." Are there any humane ways to remedy this by her 2-yr old pictures in June? I do not want to shave and create permanent stubble. I also don't want to wax or tweeze as this seems like child abuse! Any ideas?

A: There is very little to do for the unibrow in a child. All of the chemical hair removal products have at least the potential of causing a reaction or damaging the skin. Shaving and plucking are also not reccomended as they could cause pain and a slip of the razor could cause a laceration which may leave a scar. Most of the time the unibrow is a familial trait, so I would love her for it and send copies to every family member who share that feature. Be proud of who she is and help her celebrate even from the young age of 2 just how special she is. The less of an issue you make of your childs "special traits" the more comfortable she will become in her own body.

Answered by Dr. Carrie M. Brown