Watching a kid struggle with allergies is never easy. But you'll both breathe easier when you have the info you need to prevent attacks. Here's what you need to know about diagnosing symptoms, treatment options, and living with allergies.

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For two decades, peanut allergies have been rising in America—to the bewilderment of the medical community. Now doctors are getting closer to understanding why.
Mom's Viral Post Shows What Anaphylaxis Symptoms Really Look Like
When Julie Berghaus' three-year-old daughter Maren suffered a severe allergic reaction at her doctor's office, there wasn't the obvious "choking, gasping...[and] wheezing" symptoms that many parents expect to see.
Want to Protect Your Kids from Allergies? Study Says Get a Dog... or Two
The study found, out of the children surveyed, those with five or more pets have no reported allergies.
New Treatment For Peanut Allergy Could Help Keep Kids Safe
For children with peanut allergies, accidental exposure can be life threatening. A new drug treatment would take away some of that risk.
Does Your Child Have Summer Allergies?
It's hard to enjoy warm weather when summer allergies keep you inside. Here's why your child might be sneezing more this time of year.

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