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Your toddler will go through different car seats as he gets older and gains weight. Here you'll learn about front-facing toddler seats, boosters, when it's time to switch car seats, and more. Travel safe with our comprehensive car seat buying guide.

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The Best Ways to Clean Car Seats

From leather to fabric, stain removal to shampooing, these are the best tips for keeping your kid's car seat as clean as the day you bought it. OK, almost as clean as the day you bought it.

When to Turn Around Baby's Car Seat

Find out when to switch to a front-facing car seat according to the experts.

Terrifying Evenflo Booster Seat Safety Concerns Remind Parents to Follow AAP Guidelines

A ProPublica investigation found that Evenflo ignored internal safety recommendations, and its Big Kids booster seat could cause severe injury and death in children under 40 pounds. Here’s what parents need to know about these disturbing findings, with tips for keeping your child safe in the car.

Best Booster Car Seats: 10 Safe Choices

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tests and evaluates booster seats to find the ones that best protect your child. These ten win their "best bet" award. Browse the list, and check out more top-rated booster seat options from IIHS.

Toddler Car Seat Buying Guide

Find out when you should buy a toddler car seat and what to look for when you're making your choice. Plus, browse the top car seats on the market.

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These Are the Best Family Cars for Car Seats

Finding the perfect car for your child's car seat can be a struggle, which is why rounded up the eight vehicles that earned a perfect score in’s Car Seat Checks conducted throughout the year.

4 Ways to Make Your Backseat Safer

Follow these simple steps so you can help ensure that the backseat offers five-star protection for your precious cargo.