Vote in our 60-second survey for your favorite stroller, bottle, swaddle and more. You'll help newer mamas make their choices!

By Jessica Hartshorn

Baby gear is mysterious until you actually have your baby. Then you quickly figure out what works for you, and those are your lifesavers, no exaggeration. For instance, shortly before I returned to work, I went through four different bottles with my firsborn until we found the one she would take and drink from without choking. After my panic watching her reject one after another, seeing her accept one brought pure relief, both for her and for me! From then on I would tell other moms, “I love this bottle!” They would be just as evangelical about their own.

Other gear that inspires passion: A pacifier that soothes. A nursing pillow that keeps the crick out of your back. And, of course, any freakin’ thing that gets your baby to sleep, whether that’s an infant swing, the right bassinet, or the perfect swaddle blanket.

If there’s something you swear by, we want to know about it!

Nothing beats good word-of-mouth advice about what baby gear to buy, amiright? So let's help out the pregnant couples and new parents by telling them what stuff really works! If you love it, don't keep it a secret!

Fill out this quick survey (takes maybe 60 seconds!) and we'll use your intel to present the best strollers, infant car seats, convertible car seats and more in an upcoming issue of Parents magazine.

Don't see the brand you love? We take write-in votes! Just fill in your brand under "other." And if there's a product you never used, like maybe you didn't do the infant-swing thing, just check of "N/A' for not applicable.

Here's the survey, again:

Pass it to another a new-mom friend, too, and get good karma!

Curious about what's won in past years? Maybe you're pregnant right now and you're like, "Wait a second, I can't wait six months for your issue, I have to fill out this registry list now!" You can check out the 2017 Best Awards to see the current popular products.

Truthfully the number-one question we get is "what stroller should I buy?" so if that's your current pressing question, check out the nine in our latest stroller guide. And have fun shopping for your new baby!


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May 7, 2019
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