How to Choose a Backpack

Cute and trendy backpacks for school are great, but your child's bag should be practical as well. Here's what to consider when buying a backpack.


[MUSIC] Before you help your child pick out a backpack, here are some features you might wanna steer toward. Get the right size. Preschool sized backpacks, for the pre-K set, fit their little bodies. As kids enter elementary school, they'll want the next size up and bigger kids with more homework, need bigger backpacks. Just make sure you pick one that's lightweight, so your child is only carrying the weight of the books. Although it seems like a cute idea, don't get your child's name monogrammed on. It's actually considered a safety hazard to have his or her name so visible to strangers. Although initials, like this, are fine. Write your child's name on the inside of the bag along with your cell phone number in case the bag gets lost. If your child has an early morning or evening walk, consider a backpack with reflective material built in, so your child is easy to see. How many pockets and compartments you want is up to you, but the smallest kids aren't carrying much more than their lunch. It's the older kids, who might be carting a phone or house keys, who benefit from lots of inside organization. A few other nice touches include reinforced zippers, to help hold up to a year of opening and closing, and cushioned straps, to protect your child's shoulders. [MUSIC]

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