Back-to-School Backpack Pins

A cute craft for decorating a child's backpack or school bag.


Our one of a kind backpack pins are sweet, stylish, and easy enough for beginner sewers. You'll need canvas and upholstery rate fabrics, embroidery floss, a large-eye needle, and a safety pin. First, cut 5 or 6 circles in different sizes from the fabric. Stack them from largest to smallest. Thread embroidery floss through a large-eye needle, knot the end, and sew through the center of the stack. Make several stitches to create an asterisk shape. Whip stitch the non-fastening side of the safety pin to the back making sure to sew through only 1 or 2 layers. Tie up the floss and trim the excess. These fun fabric flower pins add style and panache to any back-to-school look.

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