6 Creative School Lunch Ideas for Kids

When a meal makes your kid crack a smile, you know it's a win. But adorable themed lunches that are doable and easy to make ahead of time? That's a win-win.

ham cheese butterflies
Photo: Jen Causey
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Mini Meatball Rockets

meatball rockets lunch tray
Jen Causey

This healthy school lunch idea goes across the universe with mini meatball rockets, Colby Jack cheese moons, honeydew stars, and Pirate's Booty clouds!

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Pupperoni Pizzas

pupperoni pizzas lunch tray
Jen Causey

Pepperoni pizza is the main component of this puppy-themed school lunch idea. To create the dog's ball, use a citrus zester to cut stripes into an orange. The doggie biscuits are made by drawing paw prints and bones on vanilla wafer cookies with an edible marker.

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Alphabet Pasta

alphabet pasta
Jen Causey

A-B-C-D, eat! Pair this alphabet pasta with Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies and cucumber wedges. Also add some personalized fruit leather, made by stamping your kid's name in a piece of fruit leather using mini alphabet food cutters (or go for a monogram if their name is long!)

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Ham and Cheese Butterflies

ham cheese butterflies
Jen Causey

This ham and cheese butterfly goes well with gummy worms, crispy snap pea snaps, and kiwi tulips. To make them, grab a paring knife, poke the side of the fruit until you reach the center, and cut a zigzag line around the equator, without cutting all the way through. Gently pull halves apart, then place a blueberry in the middle of each half. This could even work as a school lunch idea for picky eaters!

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Tuna Sailboat Sandwiches

tuna sailboat sandwiches
Jen Causey

Give your child the catch of the day with this tuna sandwich! Slice the bread like pictured and you'll have all the pieces to make a sailboat. Your captain will also enjoy Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, gummy sharks, and a "veggie coral reef" with ranch dip.

For the coral reef, spoon a few tablespoons ranch dressing into the well of a bento box or a small container. Stand small cut vegetables, such as purple and green broccoli, baby bell peppers, and purple carrots, upright on their ends in dressing.

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Veggie Rainbow Roll-Ups

veggie rainbow roll-ups
Jen Causey

Pack a rainbow with this school lunch idea for kids, comprised of veggie roll-ups, colorful fruit salad, Terra chips, and yogurt topped with sprinkles.

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