Feeding Problems

Your preschooler can have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to what's on his plate. Find out if your child is eating enough or too much, best bets for nutritious foods, and how to pry him out of the macaroni and cheese rut. Plus: Learn these strategies for getting everyone to eat the same meal.

Astonishing X-Ray Shows Grape Lodged in Child's Throat

The mom who posted the photo is warning other parents that they always need to cut grapes in half for young children to reduce the risk of choking.

The 10 Biggest Feeding Mistakes Parents Make

Parents play a key role in shaping their children's approach to eating. Here are some mistakes to avoid with your little one.

The Top 10 Feeding Challenges--and How to Solve Them

We asked nutrition experts to tackle some common feeding challenges. Here are their practical solutions--and some food for thought.

Quiz: Are You Raising An Emotional Eater?

Are you teaching your kids to eat their emotions?

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Dining Dramas: Toddler Feeding Problems, Solved

Toddlers can be such funny eaters. Find out why, and how to help them develop healthy eating habits.

Common Toddler-Feeding Pitfalls

The little tricks we use to feed our kids may actually keep them from eating right. Here, eight common nutrition pitfalls to avoid.

3 Ways to Get Toddlers to Eat Meat

Follow these easy tips and get your toddler to start eating meat in no time!

What Not to Feed Them

Your child can now eat many of the foods you do -- but that doesn't mean she should. We tell you the foods to avoid.

What Should My Baby Eat Now?

Your 1-year-old is a growing gourmet, with unique likes and dislikes. So how do you get her to eat the right food?

Whole Grapes Cause Two Child Choking Deaths: Report Urges Awareness

A new case report reminds us of the danger of whole grapes after two young boys choked to death on the fruit.

4 Toddler Snacking Mistakes to Avoid

Are snacks sabotaging your toddler's appetite? Find out!

Proven Strategies for Picky Eaters

Frustrated parents are sending their fussy kids to specially designed clinics at children's hospitals. What strategies do the experts there have to improve your kid's diet? Get the dish here.

Tiny Diners

Identify your toddler's eating style for a customized approach to mealtime.

The Toddler Diet

Many toddlers have strong likes and dislikes. How can you help your child eat enough of the right foods?

Outwit Your Picky Eater

Our advice will get him from "I don't want that" to "more, please!"

Stop Trying to Make 'Kristin Cavallari Is Starving Her Kids' Happen

The mom-of-three fired back at haters who accused her of starving her children.

Must-See Video: Little Girl Born Without Arms Learns to Feed Herself

This awe-inspiring toddler is about to change the way you view the obstacles facing you today.

A Vegan Toddler Was Removed From His Parents After Being Hospitalized for Severe Malnutrition

Is it ever okay for young kids to eat only a strict vegan diet?

Outfoxing Finicky Eaters

Two-year-olds often resist eating what you serve the rest of the family. But as long as your child is exposed to a variety of healthy foods, eventually she'll expand her repertoire.

Kim Kardashian's Hilarious Nursing Hack for a Jealous Toddler Is Actually Kind of Brilliant

The reality star revealed her creative work-around for when daughter North tried to get to her to stop breastfeeding Baby Saint.

6 Ways to Encourage Toddlers to Actually Sit Still and Eat Already

Getting a squirmy toddler to sit at the table and eat a meal can be a huge challenge. These expert ideas for fostering good mealtime habits will help.

10 "Meals" Your Toddler Has Probably Eaten

These quick and easy meals are totally kid-approved.