Q: How do I get my 2yr old off the bottle and get him to start drinking juice...he won't drink anything but milk!

A: You’re right—it’s definitely time to get your son off the bottle.  It’s fine if he wants to drink milk, but at two years of age, it’s time for him to be drinking from a sippy cup instead of a bottle.  He’s probably going to be a little reluctant to give up his bottle, so you might want to make the transition easier for him by continuing to offer him milk—but only in a sippy cup. If your son is drinking well from a sippy cup now, you can just stop giving him bottles—today! You can let him know what to expect ahead of time by telling him that he’s a big boy now and big boys don’t use bottles—they use sippy cups. You can expect him to be a little sad about this, especially around the times that he normally takes his bottle, and you can comfort him with hugs and soothing words. But don’t give in by giving him back his bottle!

Once you’ve weaned your son from the bottle and he’s drinking regularly from a sippy cup, you’ll undoubtedly find that he’ll be more willing to drink other beverages, including water and juice.  You can start by offering him water or juice instead of milk with a snack or at lunchtime. He might just drink only a sip or two at first, but if you stick with it, he’ll learn to enjoy drinking juice and water in addition to milk.

Answered by RallieMcAllister



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