Healthy Eating

You know that feeding your child the right foods and eating healthy is important, but busy schedules sometimes succumb to fast food and readymade conveniences. Here you'll find easy healthy recipe ideas and meal plans to promote healthy eating habits.

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10 Ways to Make Feeding Your Toddler 10 Times Easier
The mom behind the mega-popular blog A Couple Cooks dishes on the toddler feeding strategies that are working with her son... so far, at least.
3 Things to Know About Baby Cereal
Many pediatricians agree that baby cereal is an ideal first food. Here's what you should know about the mushy, soft, iron-fortified product.
15 Ways to Help Your Baby Love Food as Much as You Do
You can make your baby's high chair her happy place with these tips to encourage her to be confident and comfortable around all kinds of food.
New FDA Guidelines Advise on Choosing Safe Fish for Your Family
Fish is a nutrient-packed superfood. New guidelines from the FDA and EPA spell out how much you should eat and how to pick the safest varieties.
5 Ways to Boost Your Kid's Gut Health
If you want to set him up for a lifetime of good health, it’s essential to bolster the bacteria in his belly. As a microbiologist and a mom, I’ve got five science-based strategies for doing just that.
This Mom's Food Prep for Her Son Is Crazy Impressive
Sorry, but you may feel pretty inadequate about serving your kiddo a PB & J at lunchtime after seeing one mom's incredible mealtime creations.

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How to Tame Your Kid's Sweet Tooth in 30 Days
Would you let your child eat 50 pounds of sugar? That's how much the average 4- to 8-year-old goes through in a year. As researchers are finding that sugar harms kids in ways never imagined, the government is finally setting limits.
How to Roast Veggies for Babies and Toddlers
Roasted veggies are naturally sweet, so babies and toddlers tend to love their flavor. Here's a step-by-step guide to simple roasting, plus tips for making sure that the final texture is easy for your little one to manage.
Your Guide to Healthy Eating Habits

While there are no road maps to feeding toddlers, these 12 tips can help them develop good eating habits. Check out these tips from "The Toddler Care Book: A Complete Guide from 1 to 5 Years Old" by Dr. Jeremy Friedman.